Loud Lingo Talks Podcast is Live!

Hi all, I've ghosted my website for about two years. Many apologies for that...I've not been up to much. Just had a baby! But anywho...I'm back but this time with a few Loud Lingo Projects under my belt. First of all, I'd like to introduce you to Loud Lingo Talks, my new venture. It's a podcast which I hope will help build a community of teachers, parents and carers who all share an interest in supporting people and children with speech and communication difficulties.

The aim is for the podcast to be a place where we share information, ask questions and hopefully get to the answers together!

Please come and join me...a community is nothing without its people.

VISIT anchor.fm/loudlingo to hear me babble on!

Or if podcasts aren't your thing and you'd prefer the visual highlights then follow me on instagram @loudlingoltd

See you on the socials!

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