What exactly is dyslexia?

Some of the world's most famous celebrities have it. Red carpet names from Justin Timberlake to Steven Spielberg, in all their creative genius, are diagnosed with this specific learning difficulty otherwise known as dyslexia. With approximately 10 per cent of the population having a mild to severe form of dyslexia and four per cent having severe dyslexia* it's important, as learning practitioners, parents and carers, to understand what having dyslexia actually means so that we can uplift and encourage children with the appropriate learning support .

In 2008, the International Dyslexia Association defined dyslexia as a 'neurologically-based, often familial disorder which interferes with the acquisition and processing of language...' But for the more visual learner, this video from TED-Ed pretty much sums it up:

Is your child diagnosed with dyslexia? Do you know the indicators for children? Have you used sign or symbols to support your child? Feel free to comment down below.

*Teaching Children & Young People with Special Educational needs & Disabilities.

Edited by Sarah Martin-Denham

Sage Publications, First edition published 2015

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